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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wetland Rap

by Megan Parker, Laurel County Water Pioneer

We all smell bad, we're covered in ticks
in case you couldn't guess, we're straight-up hicks

It's a hundred degrees, with the sun beatin' down,
You may have a heat stroke and fall to the ground

We testin' the water and playin' in dirt
you better be careful or you might get hurt

Identifying trees, we're good--that's no joke,
Pine, dogwood, even red and white oak

We lookin' for beetles, salamanders, and bugs,
we wearin' our waders, we rollin' like thugs

You get stuck in the mud, so you might get wet,
but with this scholarship our futures are set

This rap was written by Megan Parker from Laurel County, one of the Robinson Scholars that I am working with this week at the Water Pioneers program. The scholars are learning about water quality, insects, forestry, and other fun stuff. At this very moment (9:38am at the Kentucky Leadership Center in Jabez, KY), they are getting ready to present their community action plans!!

Watch for MORE water-quality raps written by Megan.

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