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Friday, September 17, 2010

Monarch Butterfly Event

Sept 25, 2010 | 10am-2pm | UK Arboretum, Lexington, KY | FREE!

On Saturday, Sept 25, 2010, the University of Kentucky Department of entomology will be at the UKLFCUG Arboretum to find and tag Monarch butterflies. At this free event, kids and their parents will get a chance to meet real entomologists and learn all about Monarch butterflies. More importantly, they can help tag butterflies--this is a chance to get involved in real science. Scientists tag Monarchs (it's harmless to the butterflies, by the way) so that they can monitor their migratory patterns. Monarch butterflies fly each year from Mexico to the United States and back. Because some of their overwintering sites in Mexico are disappearing, scientists are interesting in leaning everything they can about how these insects travel and what is happening to their populations.

For directions to the arboretum, visit thier website:

And read more about the national effort to study Monarch butterflies:

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  1. My science teacher and I have been doing that; it's really cool.