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Thursday, January 21, 2010


by Josh Adkins, UK Entomology Graduate Student

Study suggests theory for insect colonies as 'superorganisms'

A team of researchers including scientists from the University of Florida has shown insect colonies follow some of the same biological "rules" as individuals, a finding that suggests insect societies operate like a single "superorganism" in terms of their physiology and life cycle.

I know very little about the structure of social insect "societies". It's fascinating to think of insect colonies in terms of individuals, with all the insects comprising them effectively acting as cells, or organs, for the good of the collective whole. It makes me want to read E.O. Wilson's book The Super-Organism!


  1. The pig and the lobster are both super organisms.

  2. So are Kryptonians, but only after they've been exposed to the light of a yellow sun.