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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Website De-Bugging

by Blake Newton, UK Extension Entomologist

Yes, yes... debugging... pun intended... whatever. A few posts ago I mentioned that we recently updated our website, and that we were in glitch-finding mode. So far, a couple of major glitches were reported.

When our site was opened in Internet Explorer 6, there were two major problems:

1. Our butterfly logo in the upper-right hand corner was supposed to be transparent, but it was not in IE6. It turns out that this is a common IE6 problem. Luckily, there was a simple workaround for this. We simply added a small javascript file to our directory. Solved!

2. The left-hand navigation bar was moving around the page in IE6. Very freaky. Here's what it looked like:

There was a fix for this also, but it wasn't as easy.

It would also help if I showed you what the site is supposed to look like!

Here's what our front page SHOULD look like:

Some possible problems with the front page that you might see:
-no large central image
-the left or right navigation bars are moving around or they are not visible

Here's what a typical "interior" page should look like (this is http://www.ca.uky.edu/entomology/entfacts/ef110.asp):

Some possible problems with interior pages:
-pictures do not load
-the left navigation bar is moving around the screen

So, please let us know (by commenting on this blog post) if you find glitches on our website.


  1. Is there a link to the critter files from the new Ent homepage?

  2. Yes, it's on the left-hand side under "outreach entomology" with the praying mantis face